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Become A Coach

Get to the heart of Flow coaching through the latest in Neuroscience

“Coaching is not something that you do, it is something that you are. Meet my teachers and mentors Carl Rogers and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

So much so that we developed a unique methodology focused on positive psychology, its 3 main pillars, and the FLOW model.

In 1998 Positive Psychology became a scientific area of study. Now considered as the pioneers of Positive Psychology Martin Seligman and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi clearly drew a line between the disease model of the early psychologists and the positive model that we understand today. Before Positive Psychology, for years, psychologists had studied the human psyche and classified groups of behaviors and attitudes into illnesses, diseases or disorders.

Our method is part of the change where we’re not putting people’s defects in the spotlight, as the modern psychology practice required. Rather, we’re focused on the character strengths and behaviors that allow you and your clients to build a life of meaning and purpose. Not only will you learn how to be in the coaching seat, but you’ll also get to experience what being coached truly means.”

To Your Flow.
Talyaa Vardar, CEO
Master Certified Coach

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Master the 3 pillars of Positive Psychology that over 50.000+ FLOW certified coaches use today

  • 1Contentment with the past
  • 2Happiness in the present
  • 3Optimism for the future

We teach you to coach the psychology of the ‘whole person’

Through 5 ICF certification Core Modules plus Advanced ICF LEVEL 2 certification Module 6
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Module 1


This Module will train you in the foundational theory and practice of coaching.

You will learn the critical elements of coaching, as noted by the International Coaching Federation (ICF): ethics and principles, building trust and intimacy, establishing agreement, effective goal setting, creating compelling futures, creative questions, and more.

By the end of this Module, you will be able to competently conduct a basic coaching session.
Module 2


The Motivation Module will provide you with a deeper understanding how you can motivate and inspire your clients to realise their goals. During this Module, you will learn to recognize your clients’ internal blocks so you can encourage them to overcome these blocks to achieve success.

The Module will show you how to teach your clients to internally integrate and externally apply the skills and tools they need to overcome the internalized beliefs and fears that prevent them from growing.
Module 3

Creative Planning

The Creative Planning Module will provide you with the tools to go deeper into the FLOW Coach Methodology. You will learn how to help your clients design solutions to achieve their personal and professional goals. In this Module, theory and practice are integrated using advanced creative tools and strategies.

You will graduate this Module with a deeper knowledge of FLOW Coaching’s practices, and the ability to empower your clients to move towards meaningful and sustainable life changes.
Module 4


The Achievement Module will enhance your coaching skills to help you support your clients as they move towards achieving sustainable results. You will learn how to help your clients refine their visions and goals, and project their achievements.

This Module will give you the wisdom to empower and help your clients realise their visions and goals.
Module 5


The Focus Module is about focus and resilience. Many people have problems focusing on what is truly important to them, and procrastination is a common challenge to overcome. In this Module, you will learn how to help your clients stay focused on what is truly meaningful to them.

As a coach, you will learn to create a strong and supportive coaching presence that will keep your clients on track.
Module 6

Advanced Certification

The Practicum and Supervision Module will help you apply what you’ve learned in real-life situations and build the confidence you need to become a professional coach.

All components of the Practicum and Supervision Module must be completed within one year of starting the Module.
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Earn Your ICF Certification Through FLOW’s Award Winning 5 STEP Methodology and Curriculum

The 5 Step Flow Coaching Methodology And Curriculum were awarded as the BEST COACHING & MENTORING PROGRAM by ATD (Association of Talent Development) twice.

Discover why you should choose an ICF accredited coaching school

What you will get

Career Flexibility
Having your own coaching business means you have the freedom to independently manage your time, business, and clients.
Follow Your Passion
The joy you find from helping people meet their goals will expand into every area of your life.
Be Your Own Boss
Being a coach awards you the joy of financial freedom and independence.
Leave a Legacy
The peace and stability people find through your coaching sessions allows you to make a valuable contribution to the world.
Flow Coaches know how to support their clients to embrace where they are in life and build or construct perspective of their past. They help individuals to see their past as a resource to learn from while co-creating their future as a grounded optimism.

Our Motto for positive change

“Inspiring flow. One person at a time”

99%of program participants rated FLOW Coaching Institute's accredited LEVEL 2, CCE professional coach certification programs as exceptional.

Ed Rowell

BA, MDiv, PCC, RYT Executive Coach, Consultant and Trainer

Grace Kim

FCPC, ACC FLOW All Inclusive Advanced ICF LEVEL 2 Program Alumni

Dr. Rob Elkington

FCBC, Flow Business Coach Certification Alumni

Carla Hemans

FCC, Core Foundations Alumni

Go deeper with our unique methodology

FLOW is THE holistic approach to coaching success.